Nissan NV200 Fish Fridge Conversion: Code 013

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Project Description

Chiller Fridge Conversion to 0℃

Approx. Load dimensions after Conversion as shown:

Length: 1610 mm

o/a Width: 1310 mm ( pallet width @1190 mm between wheel arches )

Height: 1180 mm

Side door, top: 610 mm

Side door, bottom: 470mm

Rear door, top: 1110 mm

Rear door, bottom: 1255mm

Conversion weight with GAH L200C: +/- 120 kg

Project Details

  • VehicleNissan NV200
  • Conversion TypeChiller Fridge Conversion
  • Refrigeration SystemGAH L200C Roof Mount
  • Optional ExtrasLow Cost Fish Conversion
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