The best fridge van conversion on the market.

The Cold Consortium are experts at converting commercial vans into fridge vans (also known as chiller vans) and with a plethora of optional extras we're your perfect chilled van partner.

We’ve got your chilled delivery options covered, everyday we convert vans into either…

Chilled operation at temperatures of +0˚C to +8˚C.

Chilled/Ambient twin temperature operation.

With Heat/Cool equipment for temperatures up to +25˚C.

It doesn’t matter how complicated an installation you may be thinking of, the team at Cold Consortium will be able to help you from design and concept through to conversion and realisation all at incredible value for money.

Fridge van conversions that
will last the lifetime of your van

We pride ourselves in providing the best quality fridge van & chiller van conversions available in the UK.

Each and every element of our conversion process is built to last the lifetime of your van.

Refrigerated & Ambient systems accredited to the highest standards.

We provide a choice of both roof mounted and under bonnet chilled refrigerated systems from some of Europe's best known fridge manufacturers.


Less Risk & More Control For You

Because we ONLY convert vans into fridges… you can save money, have less fuss and greater control by choosing a chiller van conversion that meets your needs in a van of your choosing and NOT of someone else!

We Only Build Refrigerated Vans

Unlike many of our competitors who will turn their hand to anything (e.g buying and selling vehicles or advertising “fridge vans for sale”)… We don’t profess to be van dealers! We stick to what we know, which makes us one of the UK’s leading fridge van converters.

Fridge Vans You Can Trust

We’ve been building fridge vans in the UK longer than just about anyone else… that means quality, peace of mind and back-up you can rely on long into the future. It’s why many of our customers have been with us for decades!

We're approved by the people that build the vans!

Cold Consortium are approved by every major van manufacturer, so no matter the brand of your vehicle we can turn it into a chiller van. We’re the refrigerated van people the trade goes to!

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The Perfect Chilled Van Conversion

Unlike many of our competitors we only use the highest quality materials and processes to build a refrigerated van that will last the lifetime of the van.

It’s important when comparing fridge specifications that you’re not comparing “apples with oranges”…

All Cold Consortium fridge van conversions have the following features as STANDARD:-


Clean & Safe

The interior is finished in environmentally friendly epoxy resin and FOOD-SAFE sealants with mould inhibitor making it super easy to clean.

Bactericide Treatment

All laminated surfaces are treated with bactericide to eradicate harmful germs and bacteria.

Clean Driver Cab

All pipework and cabling is recessed creating a clean driver cab environment.

Heavy Duty Door Covers

We go the extra mile… We fit heavy duty moulded door covers as standard.

Extra Tough Protection

Every van is lined with a GRP skin and aluminium kick plates at lower level for increase protection.

Access Panels Everywhere

We fit access panels for locking gear, light clusters and side doors making future vehicle repairs simple.

Here's What Our Fridge Van Customers Think...

A selection of our latest fridge conversions for vans...

Ford Transit Custom HYBRID Fridge Conversion: Code 052

Ford Transit Custom HYBRID Fridge Conversion: Code 052

ford-vans fridges gah-units hybrid-vans
Volkswagen Transporter Zanotti Fridge Conversion: Code 051

Volkswagen Transporter Zanotti Fridge Conversion: Code 051

fridges vw-vans zanotti-units
Ford Transit Custom Webasto Fridge Conversion: Code 050

Ford Transit Custom Webasto Fridge Conversion: Code 050

ford-vans fridges webasto-units
Volkswagen Crafter CR35 LWB Hygienic Conversion: Code 046

Volkswagen Crafter CR35 LWB Fridge Conversion: Code 046

fridges vw-vans

Peugeot Boxer Fridge Conversion: Code 032

fridges peugeot-vans

Peugeot Boxer Fridge Conversion: Code 031

fridges gah-units peugeot-vans

Nissan NV400 Fridge Conversion: Code 030

fridges gah-units nissan-vans

Nissan NV400 Fridge Conversion: Code 029

fridges gah-units nissan-vans

Nissan NV200 Fridge Conversion: Code 028

fridges gah-units nissan-vans

Fiat Ducato Fridge Conversion: Code 026

fiat-vans fridges gah-units

Fiat Ducato Fridge Conversion: Code 025

fiat-vans fridges gah-units

Fiat Doblo Fridge Conversion: Code 024

fiat-vans fridges gah-units

Ford Transit Custom T920 Heat & Fridge Conversion: Code 021

ford-vans fridges webasto-units

Fiat Ducato Fridge Conversion: Code 020

fiat-vans fridges webasto-units

Vauxhall Movano L3H2 Heat & Fridge Conversion: Code 019

fridges vauxhall-vans webasto-units

Vauxhall Combo L2H1 Fridge Conversion: Code 018

fridges vauxhall-vans webasto-units

Ford Transit 350 L3H2 Fridge Conversion: Code 017

ford-vans fridges gah-units
vauxhall combo fridge conversion

Vauxhall Combo Fridge Conversion: Code 016

fridges vauxhall-vans webasto-units

Nissan NV200 Fish Fridge Conversion: Code 013

fish-van fridges gah-units nissan-vans

Vauxhall Vivaro Fridge Conversion: Code 012

fridges gah-units vauxhall-vans

Volkswagon Crafter Fridge Conversion: Code 011

fridges vw-vans webasto-units

Mercedes Sprinter Wet Fish Conversion: Code 009

fish-van fridges mercedes-vans webasto-units

Mercedes Vito Fridge Conversion: Code 006

fridges mercedes-vans webasto-units

Iveco Daily Fridge Conversion: Code 005

fridges gah-units iveco-vans

Mercedes Sprinter Fridge Conversion: Code 004

fridges mercedes-vans webasto-units

Mercedes Sprinter Fridge Conversion: Code 003

fridges gah-units mercedes-vans

Ford Transit Custom Chiller Conversion: Code 002

ford-vans fridges webasto-units

Want to go really Cold?...We can go down to -25˚C Deep Freeze!

Looking for something other than a chilled van conversion that will go really cold? Then why not take a look at our Freezer Van Conversions instead?

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