Working together is a more rewarding way to do business.

We've been super successful at forging mutually fruitful working relationships with van dealers which helps everyone grow.

When it comes to business we’re what you might call “old school”.

We believe that nothing is more important than the relationships we build with our partners.

These relationships have helped us and our partners grow in a number of ways…

  1. We believe we provide the best refrigerated van conversions in the UK… this means that on many occasions our customers need quality vehicles and we regularly recommend and introduce these customers to our partners… one of whom could be you.
  2. The benefit from our customers point of view is that rather than source an already converted van, they can instead choose from a far better selection of vehicles across any brand at almost any age or mileage for a more attractive price.
  3. Many of our best customers are dealers (both main manufacturer dealerships and smaller independent dealers). These dealers benefit by utilising our expertise, knowledge, service and perhaps most importantly, trust, to sell refrigerated vehicles to their customers.

We’re always on the look out for new partners so if you’re still interested scroll down to get in touch with us.

Referrals From Us!

As we don’t sell vans we’re always eager to build a good network of van dealers for us to introduce our customers to. This network helps our customers find the perfect van for us to convert.

Reliable & Dependable

We’ve been in business since 1994 which means you won’t live in constant fear of being let down by a company who disappears overnight.

Another String to Your Bow

Many of our best customers are van dealers who utilise us as their preferred refrigerated partner… this provides you with another revenue stream but without all the hassle!

Approved Converters For All Manufacturers

We’ve been converting vans for every major van manufacturer since 1994, which makes us your perfect partner.

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Time to Make Contact?...

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