Hygienic Van Conversions

HYGIENE MATTERS! No matter whether you specialise in the food, dairy, healthcare, clinical waste, animal care or pest control sector... one thing's for sure, The Cold Consortium can provide you with the perfect hygienic van solution.

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Hygiene is at the very core of every van conversion we do...

We're the only hygienic van manufacturer to use Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Protection as standard in each and every van conversion!

With so many refrigerated and hygienic converters on the market it is very easy to focus purely on the price and forget about fundamentals like the future hygiene of your vehicle.

At The Cold Consortium, we understand that our customer’s reputation is built off the back of hygiene and likewise we don’t believe that you should pay through the roof for it!

Because hygiene is such a fundamental issue that just must not be ignored… it’s essential that at the very start of the conversion that both your van’s hygiene and your business’s reputation are protected as standard.

Which is why…

We’re the only hygienic van converter to utilise Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Protection to eradicate harmful germs and bacteria as standard!

Likewise, the interior of each and every conversion we build is finished in environmentally friendly epoxy resin and FOOD-SAFE sealants with mould inhibitors making it incredibly quick and easy to clean!

Standard on Every Hygienic Van Conversion...

Ultra-Fresh Protection

We’re the only converter to use Ultra-Fresh Antimicrobial Protection as standard to eradicate harmful germs and bacteria.

Environmentally Friendly Epoxy Resin

To protect the vehicle for longer we only use environmentally friendly epoxy resin as standard.

FOOD-SAFE Sealants

As standard, we use FOOD-SAFE sealants with mould inhibitors making it incredibly quick and easy to clean.

Hygienic van conversions for every sector...

Take a Peak at Some of Our Hygienic van conversions


Volkswagen Caddy Hygienic Fish Conversion: Code 049

hygienic vw-vans

Volkswagen Caddy Hygienic Animal Transport Conversion: Code 048

hygienic vw-vans

Volkswagen Caddy Hygienic Conversion: Code 047

hygienic vw-vans

Volkswagen Crafter CR35 LWB Hygienic Conversion: Code 046

hygienic vw-vans

Cross Contamination is a Thing of the Past!

We at The Cold Consortium ensure that our conversions have a fully sealed load space to ensure that cross-contamination between sanitised and contaminated loads is always avoided. Smart thinking!

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