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New VW Transporter Deep Freeze Conversion: Code 053

  • On 13th June 2022
A fine example of the very latest Transporter 2.0 E6.2 converted whilst retaining the vehicles air-conditioning. This conversion includes a GAH fully electric transport refrigeration unit with overnight standby, which is not only state of the art, but it also helps towards greener motoring. Interested? Give us a call today.
Fiat Ducato Freezer Conversion

Fiat Ducato Deep Freeze Conversion: Code 022

  • On 28th January 2018
Approx. Load Dimensions after Deep Freeze Conversion: Length: 3290 mm o/a Width: 1720 mm Width betw. w/boxes: 1360 mm o/a Height: 1745 mm Payload: 1000 kg  +/-
Peugeot Boxer Deep Freeze Conversion: Code 014

Peugeot Boxer Deep Twin Temp Conversion: Code 014

  • On 10th December 2017
Twin Temperature (Deep Freeze & Chilled) Deep Freeze Conversion to -23℃ Approx. Load dimensions after Low Temp. Conversion as shown: Length: 3335 mm o/a Width: 1715 mm ( pallet width @1360 mm between wheel arches) Height: 1600/1730 mm Side door aperture: 1025/1025 mm (pallet width) Rear door aperture: 1365/1430 mm Net Payload: +/- 900 kg
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Volkswagon Transporter Heat & Freezer Conversion: Code 010

  • On 10th December 2017
Heat to Deep Freeze Conversion from +25℃ to -25℃ A total temperature solution from heat to chilled to deep freeze! Approx. Load dimensions after Low Temp. Conversion as shown: Length: 2530 mm o/a Width: 1465 mm ( pallet width @1190 mm between wheel arches ) Height: 1210 mm   Net Payload: 800 kg
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Mercedes Vito Freezer Conversion: Code 008

  • On 10th December 2017
Deep Freeze Conversion to -24℃ This vehicle has factory fitted air conditioning for the drivers cab which was retained after van was converted.
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