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Chilled Van Twin Compartment with Air Transfer

Dual Compartments

  • On 25th March 2018
An ever popular optional extra is to have a panel van converted to a dual compartment refrigerated vehicle allowing for the transport of different produce at different temperatures in one van with a single evaporator. The dual temperature compartments work by utilising a movable bulkhead that can slide up and down the vehicle as required […]
Fridge Van Conversion with Tail Lift

Tail Lifts

  • On 25th March 2018
Tail-lifts are an incredibly useful device that you would normally find on the rear of a large chassis based van or truck… But did you know that there are also a range of tail-lifts that are designed for most of the larger panel vans on the market! The Cold Consortium are experts at fitting tail […]
Fridge Vaan Tread Plates

Tread Plates

  • On 25th March 2018
We often fit tread plates to our refrigerated and hygienic van conversions… Tread plates serve two purposes… To help prevent slipping when access the rear of the vehicle. To help protect parts of the floor from abrasive items to extend the life of your fridge van conversion. It’s a simple low cost optional extra that […]
Fridge Van Conversion with Hope T Bar

T Bars

  • On 25th March 2018
Lets face it, a new fully converted van is a sizeable investment and an important asset for your business… One of the cheapest ways to protect your vehicle from a very common cause of damage is to have a Hope T Bar fitted to the rear of your van. The T Bar is a strong metal […]
Fridge Van Conversions with Slab Doors

Slab Doors

  • On 25th March 2018
Whilst a refrigerated vehicle can be converted utilising the existing van doors perfectly well… Customers with Deep-Freeze van conversions often like the practicality and durability of a hinged slab door being fitted to the side load area of the vehicle. The Cold Consortium are specialists at fitting slab doors as part of the fridge van […]
Fridge Van Conversion with Shutter Doors

Shutter Doors

  • On 25th March 2018
Everyone knows that a panel van can come with either a rear tailgate or barn doors… But what if you could have a panel van converted to have a rear up and over shutter that works just like those on the back of a larger chassis based truck? The Cold Consortium can convert your panel […]
Refrigerated Van Shelving Systems

Shelving Systems

  • On 25th March 2018
Shelving for refrigerated van conversions is one of the most popular optional extras requested by our customers and it’s easy to see why… We can design, fabricate and install a large variety of shelving systems for fridge van conversions no matter the type, size of age of vehicle. The photos shown on this page give […]
Refrigerated Van Racking Systems

Racking Systems

  • On 25th March 2018
If you’re transporting smaller more fragile loads in your refrigerated or hygienic van then our racking systems might prove to be the most important piece of optional equipment. We can fabricate, supply and fit racking systems for just about every application, no matter the size or purpose. The photo shown is a good example of […]
Refrigerated Van Loadloc Bars Poles

Loadloc Rails & Poles

  • On 17th February 2018
Loadloc bars and poles are the perfect way to secure loads in transit… meaning no loads shifting and happier drivers and customers. By inserting a simple spring loaded bar into position between the rails on the side of the internal walls of the van you can secure every type of load no matter whether it’s […]
Refrigerated Van Evaporator Guard

Evaporator Guard

  • On 17th February 2018
If you’re looking to transport tall items then you might want to think about having an internal evaporator guard fitted to the vehicle. An evaporator guard is a simple yet important structure that is fitted around the evaporator to the bulkhead and headline areas of the vehicle and does two important jobs… The first, is […]
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