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Optional Equipment

A full range of OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT is available. Here are a number of examples. If you require further help in customising your specification please call or email us.

Pallet Protection


For Pallet Loading this option is recommended and consists of Pallet Guide Rails to the floor, a Pallet Stop to the front, protection to the Bulk-Head and Aluminium 5-Bar Tread plate to the Wheel-Boxes.




Mid Bulk-Heads for Multi-Temp Operation



A choice of fixed or moving Bulk-Heads. With air transfer kits fitted or in conjunction with twin evaporator refrigeration systems.






Fixed Shelving and Racking



We can design and manufacture systems to suit your application. The system shown is for Dairy Product Distribution.  




Folding Shelving


The TCC Folding Shelf System is has a unique folding frame-work that allows each individual shelf to fold up with-in the frame. Each shelf unit is Powder Coated to keep your product looking its best.




Retail Conversion



A full range of options is available to customize your conversion from electrical points for weigh scales to product display shelving. We can tailor the specification to suit your retailing operation.





Condenser Roof Recess Mold


Where over-all height is critical the refrigeration condenser unit can be recessed into the roof. This also aids with wind noise .





Rear Steps and Reversing Aids


A choice of Rear Steps is available, from the single central type with a Tread Plate finish to the Hope SafeTBar which can be fitted with a parking and reversing aid.




Meat Rail Systems


Panel Van Conversions can also be equipped with Hanging Meat Rails. The rails are fitted close under the roof , which is strengthened, to give maximum hanging clearance. Deep Aluminium Rub Rails are fitted to sides, bulkhead and across the doors for added protection. An evaporator guard is also fitted. 


Meat Rail System and Meat hoist


With up to 4 meat hanging rails, depending on the vehicle to be converted. The rails are low-profile aluminium to give greatest possible vertical height. Deep aluminium rub rails around the walls of the load space give added protection.


Meat hooks are available as singles or doubles.


The Cold Consortium Engineered Meat Hoist was developed specifically to complement the meat rail system and is available for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the Volkswagen Crafter high roof van ranges.

The all aluminium construction keeps the impact on payloads to a minimum.

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